Mr BCRC EBC (Electronic Bullet Comparator)


Production of the Mr BCRC EBC is still predominantly done by hand as is the tuning despite most of the electronics being factory manufactured. The sensors are hand wound and final assembly is by hand. Because of this I will attempt to have stock on hand but there may be a delay.

As of May 2020 these devices are still very new in their production configuration and like all new things there is a settling in period. Feedback from owners of the prototype versions has led to enhancements and design changes of some components.


Support is extremely important and the best way to do support is to not have to. That means producing a product that does what it's designed to do and doesn't break.

I was initially only selling into Australia until any design issues were ironed out with respect to the hardware and software.

As of July 2020 things are looking good with respect to the feedback from the sale of the prototype versions and some improvements have been made and subsequently I am looking to start selling internationally.


For purchase enquiries please email (Note: there is no .au)


  • Australia: $1300 AUD shipped
  • International: $1300 AUD + shipping (which is approximately $150 AUD when sending to Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom)
  • Approximate local currency equivalents (including postage)
    • USD: ~$1000
    • Euro: ~€900
    • GBP: ~£800
  • Other considerations
    • Local import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.
    • International Payments will be in buyers local currency using who aren't as dodgy as paypal and definitely safer than the scammers platform of choice, western union